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Are you a large retail brand who wants to provide a more pleasant shopping experience for your customers? Our solutions will give them an experience that combines convenience, speed and simplicity, especially when making payments. Discover our self-checkout machines and leave your customers to scan and pay for their shopping themselves.

How does a self-service checkout work?

Also known as a self-checkout, a self-service checkout is an automated digital payment terminal. Once the customer has filled their trolley, they make their way to the self-checkout to pay, following a multi-step process:

  1. scan each product using a fixed or mobile barcode reader
  2. weigh loose products, placing them on scales to determine their price
  3. pay for the shopping using a payment terminal or by cash using a payment module
Self checkout

Our self-checkout models

JFC has been an expert in cash payment solutions for over 30 years and has a number of different self-checkout models available. These payment checkouts help to streamline the sales process in your shops and offer an innovative customer experience.

Selfquiosk 200

Selfquiosk 230

Selfquiosk RFID

SelfQuiosk advantages

Various versions

Our self-checkouts come in a variety of versions. You can choose between card-only payments or cash and card. You can also add scales in two sizes, 40 cm or 80 cm, that can be placed on the right or left to suit your preference.

Quick, simple and affordable set-up

Thanks to our 30 years of experience, our technicians will guarantee quick installation and efficient after-sales service. Our solution also includes point-of-sale software that can be easily integrated with your own management software.

Selfquiosk 200 - solution de self checkout

Self-checkout features

  • 32” touch screen to guide the user
  • Thermal receipt printer with automatic cutting mechanism (printed receipt or e-receipt options)
  • Area for placing products
  • High-precision scales to check item weights (up to 50 kg for the 40 cm model)
  • Omnidirectional barcode and QR code reader
  • New self-service coin deposit system
  • Warning light to request assistance:
    • weight anomaly warning
    • items requiring assistance
    • age verification
    • items with anti-theft devices
  • Pin pad holder for card payments (pin pad not included)
  • RFID reader (as an option)
  • Various languages available

Why use self-checkouts?

Over half of all shops and superstores now use self-checkouts. This solution offers many advantages for your brand and for your customers.

Reduce space used for checkouts

SelfQuiosk checkouts are more compact than traditional checkouts. You’ll save the space normally taken up by the conveyor belt and the seating area for the cashier. This means you’ll need less space for checkouts and can optimise your product displays.

Less queueing and time savings

Since multiple customers can pay for their items at the same time, queueing times are reduced. Your staff will also save time, meaning they can work on other tasks (stacking shelves, stock taking, etc.).

Customer loyalty

Self-checkouts are an efficient way of improving customer experience. You can offer them personalised pricing and a loyalty card scheme where they can accumulate points. Pre-payment cards can also be used and the self-checkout can apply special offers and promotions.
Self checkout

Who are they for?

We can support your project

Are you interested in SelfQuiosk self-checkouts? Our team of experts will apply their knowledge and experience for the benefit of your shop. We’ll support you and give you advice to help you find the most suitable solution for your business.