CashDro automatic cash systems

CashDro has been the leading European manufacturer of cash payment solutions for many years. With over 30 years of experience in cash management solutions (in banking, supermarkets and retail), JFC will ensure that these systems are installed and maintained professionally.

Secure your investment by working with an experienced partner.

Our models

We offer a full range of automatic cash handling systems, which are suitable for every type of business and different levels of cash flow.

Cashdro 7

Cashdro 5

Cashdro 4+

Cashdro S

The advantages of automatic cash payments

Security and hygiene

Cash is safe from theft, whether internal or external. CashDro cash handling systems are highly secure, constructed from 4 mm steel, with a secure locking mechanism and tamper-resistant hinges. Since staff won’t be handling banknotes and coins, it’s also guaranteed to be more hygienic.

Time saving

An automatic till is an efficient time-saving method, both at payment time and when the till is closed (even if you work with multiple operators). Everything is automated, which frees up time for your staff to take on different tasks and provide a superior level of customer service.

Checking and monitoring

CashDro cash handling systems are equipped with fake banknote and coin detectors. They can also eliminate manual cash handling errors at the till. Another feature is the ability to monitor movements and cash receipts, which can be checked remotely at any time.

Monnayeur automatique Cashdro 3

Why choose CashDro automatic cash handling?

Rapid return on investment

No more errors at the till. Your staff no longer need to calculate the amount of change as the machine takes care of it. An automatic cash handling machine is also tax deductible at 120% and you have the option to buy or rent from €6 per day.

Ergonomic solution

CashDro cash handling machines are easy to use for both customers and staff. They are intuitive, have many features and facilitate cash management for everyone.

Comprehensive, customisable solution

JFC brings you a comprehensive service.

Quick installation

Our experts will manage the full installation of your automatic till. CashDro will interface with most cash register software applications, ensuring a direct link from your machine.

Responsive support

CashDro automatic cash handling machines use an online technical platform, which means we can carry out monitoring and provide technical support remotely within 30 minutes.

With over 700 live installations currently operational, we also provide different solutions to help your machine to blend in with your business branding. Contact us for satisfied customers in your area.

Who are they for?

JFC – a partner you can trust

With over 30 years of experience in cash handling and teams trained in the factories by the manufacturers, we guarantee that your equipment will be correctly installed and maintained. We provide cash handling solutions to Carrefour, Delhaize, Bpost, Beobank, Decathlon and Colruyt, among many others.