Discover our cash float management system

For over 30 years, JFC has been supplying automated payment and cash handling systems. Would you like a smart and secure way to manage your cash floats for your business? Discover CashDro Master, our professional cash handling system for float management

Our CashDro Master model

CashDro Master professional equipment is perfect if you’re looking for a smart way to handle your float at your point of sale, no matter what sector you operate in. It provides two automated services:

  • the ability to deposit receipts at close of business for all your coins and banknotes.
  • the ability to manage cash in, cash out and change automatically to benefit staff and customers

CashDro Master

Why choose CashDro Master equipment?

A CashDro Master machine offers many advantages for managing your cash float, as well as the general management of your point of sale. You can increase efficiency and improve customer experience.


Using CashDro Master means that you no longer need to go to the bank to deposit your cash sales receipts. Your cash will be held on your premises in the secure cash machine. By limiting movements and reducing manual cash handling, you can reduce the risk of internal and external theft.

Save time and reduce queues

You’ll no longer need to leave your business premises to deposit your receipts or get change. With automatic cash management, you’ll no longer need to sort your cash when the tills close: CashDro Master will do it all for you. This cash system also gives change quickly, without requiring staff. This means you can optimise your staff’s time, so they can get on with other jobs in the sales area and you can reduce queues for your customers.


Since CashDro Master handles cash counting and change instead of your staff, you’ll be able to reduce manual handling of coins and banknotes. This will ensure better hygiene for staff and customers.

Checking and monitoring

CashDro Master is fitted with a fake banknote and foreign- or counterfeit-coin detector. By limiting manual cash handling, you can also avoid cash losses. The automated system will also eliminate manual counting and change errors. In addition, you’ll receive a detailed report showing all transactions, remotely and in real time, so you can monitor your business finances efficiently.

Better customer experience

With CashDro Master, you can also offer additional services to your customers, including customer identification, change suggestions based on past deposits, custom reports, credit date, anonymous use, etc.

Gestion du fond de caisse avec CashDro Master

Customise your CashDro Master

You can customise our cash float management system. You can use your brand colours and include your logo on request.

Who are they for?

Our experts are here to help

Would you like to install an automatic cash handling system at your sales outlet to manage your cash float? Our professionals are trained by the machine manufacturers and will support your project, offering you solutions that are adapted to your business.