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JFC has been providing businesses with innovative payment and ordering solutions for over 30 years. Our services can be applied to various businesses from numerous different sectors. Our machines can be fully adapted to suit your business, helping to optimise cash management in your company, no matter what kind of products you sell.

from ordering to payment

Whether you’re running a restaurant, café, fast-food outlet or bar, JFC has a simple and intuitive digital solution for you.

  • Order kiosk: reduce time spent queueing at the counter by providing self-service order kiosks that can be personalised to suit your customers and will free up time for your staff.
  • Menu tablet: do you prefer table service? Replace your paper menus with tablets. They are directly connected to your cash register, make ordering easier and can even accept remote payments.
  • Booking and delivery management: you can provide a simple, seamless online booking system using our HioPOS cash register. You can also develop your takeaway service and manage your deliveries with ease.
  • Automatic cash handling: are cash payments still accepted in your outlets? This automatic till enables you to optimise hygiene, avoiding any direct contact with banknotes and coins.
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from stock control to payment

Our innovative solutions will make cash handling a breeze for your retail business, while also automating and optimising your business management. For example, if you use our HioPOS cash register, you can:

  • Create custom codes for your products
  • Manage stocks
  • Create targeted offers
  • Analyse your data in real time

We can provide many other automation solutions, such as automatic cash handling machines, information kiosks where out-of-stock items can be ordered and self-checkouts. We offer a range of innovative machines designed to facilitate the digital transformation of your retail business.

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Local businesses
improved customer experience

Florists, bakeries, butchers, chip shops and more – optimise your business while remaining close to your customers. Our cash management and automation solutions can be adapted to suit your business, so you can optimise customer experience.

Our cash register offers multiple features that are specifically designed to help you manage your business, such as stock control, the use of connected scales to sell products by weight or by item, allergen management, barcode creation for your products, order delivery and more. Our automated cash handling systems mean you can accept cash payments without having to touch the banknotes and coins, which can carry bacteria and viruses.

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Hair and beauty salons
appointment and team management

Optimise the management of your beauty salon with JFC products. We’ve been providing various solutions designed to support the digital transformation of businesses for over 30 years.

  • Optimise hygiene in your beauty salon by limiting contact with banknotes and coins using our automatic cash handling systems.
  • Our information kiosks will keep your customers informed about the treatments you provide, pricing and current offers.
  • Our cash register helps you to manage your appointments. You can also view your customers’ history, check stocks of your cosmetic products, organise the team diary and send appointment confirmations.
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innovative cash management solutions

JFC are experts in automation solutions for banks, with various management systems available:

  • cash float management machines: our CashDro Master enables automatic cash deposits and withdrawals.
  • banknote and coin-counting and sorting machines.
  • fake note and coin detection machines.
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