Discover our connected retail scales

With over 30 years of experience in automated payment and ordering solutions, JFC also offers connected retail scales that are fully compatible with HioPOS software and your checkout.

Our retail scales

Our connected scales are perfect for businesses who want to sell food products by weight, have a large weight capacity and are highly accurate.

Balance connectée TS10

TS 10 weight-only scales

The TS 10 weight-only scales can accommodate weights up to 15 kg. You can link your scales directly to the cash register via its USB connection to make it easy to sell products by weight. Its compact design fits easily onto your shop counter.

Balance connectée TS20

TS 20 all-in-one scales

The TS 20 all-in-one scales are designed to weigh up to 15 kg. With an Android 7.1 operating system, they connect directly to your cash register. They also have a touch screen and thermal printer, so till receipts can be printed directly.

Why choose connected scales?

Durability and accuracy

Our connected retail scales operate in temperatures between 0 and 40°C. They can be used outside by mobile food vendors or in shops. Their accuracy makes them perfect for selling food products by weight.


The TS 10 scales have a USB connection, so you can plug the scales directly into your cash register. This will transfer your data more quickly. The TS 20 uses the Android operating system to connect your scales to your HioPOS cash register. You can program the product’s price per kilo into the HioPOS software. The software will calculate the total price itself using the product weight.

Save time and reduce queues

The transaction speed and connectivity mean that products are weighed quickly, resulting in an efficient sales process. Time spent waiting in queues will be reduced, improving customer experience. You’ll also save time, so your staff can carry out other tasks around the shop.

Who are they for?

Our connected retail scales are perfect for any retail outlet that sells food products by weight:

JFC – your project partner

Are you interested in connected scales for your cash register? Our professionals are trained by the machine manufacturers so they can support your project. We’ll give you advice to help you find the most suitable solution for your business. We’ll also install your equipment and provide after-sales service.