Waiter robot (HIOBOT)

Discover our waiter robot for restaurants

With HIOBOT, our intelligent waiter robot, propel your establishment into a new technological era. This innovative robotic solution for Horeca (hotels, restaurants and cafés) improves and facilitates the work of your staff and offers an incomparable customer experience.


HIOBOT, technology for the hospitality industry

HIOBOT integrates all the latest technologies and provides Horeca establishments with considerable assistance.

  • Versatility

The HIOBOT robot is an assistant that can perform a variety of tasks, depending on the mode chosen: reception, service, collection, celebration, etc. It greets customers, shows them a QR code to place an order, serves food and drinks, and helps clear tables.

  • High load capacity

Equipped with four trays, HIOBOT has a load capacity of 60 kg. It can be fitted with various optional accessories to safely transport plates, bottles, glasses, cups and other fragile objects. In a single round trip, it can serve several orders and transport dirty dishes to the washing area.

  • Two high-performance screens

The robot features two high-definition screens for interacting with customers. The 10.2″ main screen lets you manage the robot’s various modes. The 15.6″ advertising screen on the rear displays product recommendations, instructions and advertising. It can be configured according to your needs: image playback, video playback, music and voice selection, etc.

  • Intuitive, secure navigation

The HIOBOT robot waiter moves intelligently and autonomously around your establishment to the desired location. It is equipped with Lidar technology and 3D cameras to assess distances. It avoids obstacles and people in its path. It can be used in conjunction with other server robots, with no risk of collision.

  • Long autonomy

HIOBOT can work for 8 consecutive hours on a full charge. It features an automatic recharging system. When the battery is low, it automatically heads for the nearest recharging point.



Main screen

Size 10.2”

Resolution 1280 x 800


Position accuracy 30-70mm

Odometer resolution 0,134mm


Maximum load 60 kg

4 trays

Tray size 500 x 408


Width 6,5” x 2

Auxiliary 2,5” x 4

Advertising screen

Size 15,6”

Resolution 1920 x 1080


2 speakers



Automatic self-charging system

Battery life 8 h

Charging time 4-5 h


500 x 500 x 1460

Weight 64 kg

Why a robot waiter in the hotel and restaurant sector?

Do you own a hotel, restaurant, café or other catering establishment?HIOBOT offers many advantages for your business, your employees and your customers.

Improved service efficiency

Thanks to their intelligent navigation and high-capacity trays, waiter robots can transport large numbers of orders quickly and accurately from the kitchen to the tables, reducing waiting time. They also reduce the risk of delivery and order-taking errors, improving customer satisfaction.

Reduced staff workload

Robotic waiters take over repetitive, time-consuming and physical tasks, such as table service.This means your staff can concentrate on other value-added activities, such as customer relations.

Innovation & attractiveness

Introducing cutting-edge technology into your restaurant attracts curious, innovation-loving customers.This customizable robot can play music, communicate with customers, display images and videos… With HIOBOT, you can offer your customers a unique experience.

Marketing advantage

The HD advertising screen enables you to offer your customers product recommendations and to broadcast advertising and news of your choice. In this way, robot servers help you increase your sales.


The robot is a cost-effective solution to staff shortages in the restaurant business. The robot can work for 8 consecutive hours, without interruption.This makes it an advantageous aid, particularly during labor-intensive periods.


Who’s it for?

Our waiter robots are primarily designed for the hospitality and tourism sectors, to provide manpower for reception, order-taking and delivery of orders to the table.

  • Hotels

  • Restaurants

  • Cafés

  • Bars

  • Tourism

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