Our HioPOS cash register and its features

Using HioPOS software, this touch-screen cash register has a whole range of accessories, giving you many features to help improve performance and efficiency in your business. With over 30 years of experience in the sector, JFC is the sole supplier of HioPOS cash registers in Belgium and Luxembourg.

Why choose HioPOS?

HioPOS is an innovative cash register software application that will fulfil your business needs. The storage system enables you to save and safeguard all of your data in the Cloud.

Centralisation and management

The HioPOS cash register keeps centralised records, so you can easily display and manage orders, deliveries and stock levels and monitor sales in real time.

Ease and connectivity

HioPOS is intuitive and easy to use. All the information you need is available in one place. You can combine the HioPOS cash register with a number of connected accessories to enhance your service offering, including a printer, kitchen display screen, cash drawer, barcode scanner, scales, pin pad and more.

Suitable for many sectors

The HioPOS software and touch-screen cash register can be adapted to suit your needs. Its many features are suited to a variety of business sectors. Hospitality, shops, beauty salons, hair salons, butchers, bakers and more.

Efficiency and profitability

The integrated management system and centralised data will help increase efficiency. Bookings, deliveries, orders and stocks can be managed more quickly. You can display your sales figures directly.

Our cash registers

The Cloud HioPOS touch-screen cash register is packed with features. It centralises and manages your business data, providing customer, order and stock management data, real-time sales information and more. By using accessories that are compatible with the HioPOS cash register and software, you’ll have access to even more options, such as pin pad payment, the ability to sell food products by weight using connected scales, barcode scanners and so on.

Discover the HioPOS cash register

Restaurant/bar menu tablet

Provide a better, more innovative customer experience using our restaurant/bar menu tablet. Customers can use the tablet to place their order and pay their bill at the table. You can include descriptions of your dishes and easily update your menu at any time. It also means there is less staff movement required. The order is sent directly to the kitchen. Our restaurant/bar menu tablet means that the customer has all the information they need at their fingertips.

HioSCREEN kitchen order-display screen

Make life easier for your kitchen staff with the HioSCREEN kitchen order-display screen and improve efficiency and speed of service. The screen can receive orders placed by customers at their tables, at a T-Quiosk or anywhere else, which are sent directly to the kitchen. You can quickly and easily view all orders placed in chronological order and work out which tasks to perform using the handy colour coding system: dishes waiting, to be prepared, being prepared, ready to serve and served.

Delivery management

Use HioPOS to increase efficiency when managing home deliveries. Centralise all orders from external platforms on your own cash register. This ingenious system will optimise each delivery, by assigning orders for delivery based on the delivery person’s location and the delivery destination. By delivering faster, you’ll be able to serve more customers and increase your revenue.

Booking management

The HioPOS booking system enables your customers to book a table easily and securely, wherever they are and at any time. Manage, centralise and display all bookings on your cash register. Monitor booked tables in real time so you can plan your service.

Frequently asked questions about HioPOS

There is no iOS or Mac version at present. HioPOS can only be used on Android devices. You don’t need a PC or a big computer: HioPOS can be fully operated using only tablets or smartphones connected to Wi-Fi or 4G networks.

We’ve selected a number of the latest devices to help you get started quickly and efficiently. But if you already have your own tablets and smartphones that use the Android operating system, you can use them with one or more HioPOS licences.

JFC will help you install the software on your systems. After installation, you can contact us any time for our after-sales service.

Yes, HioPOS is compatible with the Belgian ‘Blackbox’ official cash register system.

Your data is stored on a cloud server which is completely secure. If your tablet or smartphone crashes, you won’t lose any data.

HioPOS will continue to work for up to 5 hours offline. However, some features are not available in offline mode.