Our Euro Coin Deposit kiosk

Your customers are actually coin collectors! There are billions of coins scattered throughout Belgium, in pockets, jars or at the back of drawers.

What if you could convert this hidden treasure into pure buying power? Install a coin deposit kiosk in your shop to encourage customers to deposit their loose change. With over 30 years of experience in cash management, JFC provides innovative and efficient solutions to boost your profits.

Our Euro Coin Deposit kiosk

Our self-service coin deposit kiosks are simple, quick, efficient and fun to use and transform your customers’ change into shopping vouchers. These kiosks can generate up to €6,000 per month in additional sales.

With its rapid return on investment, Euro Coin Deposit includes a fee option, so you can give your customers a bonus or take a percentage of the amount deposited.

By connecting a digital screen to the kiosk, it can be used as an appealing and dynamic promotional tool. Advertisers will pay an additional fee to display their products on this new approach to digital signage.

Borne de dépôt de monnaie

Euro Coin Deposit features

High-speed counting: it can count up to 1,100 coins per minute
Rejection tray for fake or foreign coins

Fee option
Built-in barcode printer
Rejects foreign/fake coins

Screen (2 x 20 characters)

Two collection bags for coins with adjustable weight
Warning light to indicate full bag
Heavy-duty metal door with five-point locking system

Dimensions: 605 x 382 x 1086 mm
Weight: 60 kg

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Why choose a coin deposit kiosk?

Our Euro Coin Deposit kiosk is quite simply a win-win for your business and your customers.

Customer service and loyalty

Your customers can get rid of any annoying loose change and use it to buy more in your shop. You’re giving them an optimised customer experience, which will help to increase their loyalty.

Increase shop receipts and business revenue

A coin deposit kiosk can help increase your business revenue by up to €6,000 per month. Since many customers disregard their loose change, they’ll see their shopping voucher as an added bonus. This means your kiosk will quickly pay for itself.

Appealing and dynamic

This cash management system will attract new customers by providing a novel and innovative customer experience. It also helps your business to promote a dynamic image.

Various options

An optional digital screen is available for our coin deposit kiosk, so that you can display special offers, information, partnerships and more. You can manage your content either on-site or remotely. Another possible option is the accounts module, which will provide an audit report of deposits by date and/or point of sale.

Coin rotation and management

The system provides a major source of change that will help with cash management at the checkout.

Customisable and compact

As well as its light and compact design, you also have the option to customise your machine with your business branding.

Over 30 years of experience

Would you like to optimise your cash management? JFC offers project support from start to finish, including installing your system and providing maintenance. Our technicians are here to provide their expertise throughout the process.