Cash counters and

fake banknote detectors

JFC has been providing expertise in cash counting systems for the front and back office for 30 years.

With several thousand machines currently in service throughout Belgium and Luxembourg, we are the market leaders in this field. Ensure your cash is managed professionally with our innovative solutions and streamline your cash handling processes. Our technicians are trained in the factories by the manufacturers and we provide after-sales updates, repairs and maintenance.

Our different models of counters and fake banknote and coin detectors

We offer various models that are suitable for different applications. We help to optimise cash handling and detect fake banknotes and coins for businesses in any sector and of any size.

Cashmaster One Pro banknote and coin valuer/counter

This all-in-one machine handles banknotes and coins with ease and all at the same time. It’s perfect for cash management in the retail sector, supermarkets and superstores. Easy to use and highly ergonomic, it has a large touch screen with a drop-down menu. You can also obtain a full list of daily amounts counted by connecting it to a printer.

BankTec BT-7011

This banknote counter has a fake banknote and bundle-detection feature. Simple, robust and affordable, it’s suitable for use in banks, supermarkets and retail outlets.

Compteuse de billets - BankTec BT7300

BankTec BT-7300

This banknote counter and valuer can count mixed notes (all denominations at the same time), detect fake notes and provide the value of your cash, giving you the total amount and a breakdown by denomination.

Compteuse de billet et trieuse SB9

SB-9 counter and sorter

This banknote counter and valuer with a reject tray is the most efficient machine on the market. This model is recommended for businesses that carry out a high volume of cash transactions, as well as the banking sector. The reject tray means that counting can continue without stopping.

The CM2000 model

Do you handle a large amount of coins? This coin counter has a 5000-coin capacity and automatically rejects any non-compliant coins. This model is fast and robust and perfectly suited to the retail sector. It’s very useful for counting coins from self-service machines and also for counting tokens.

Compteuse de monnaie Venus

The Venus model

This professional coin counter and sorter will sort your change into drawers or bags by denomination. It’s equipped with a large-capacity hopper and indicates the total amount in euros and a breakdown by denomination.

The Moon model

The Moon coin counter and sorter can handle high volumes. Your coins are sorted into drawers or bags by denomination. It’s equipped with a large-capacity hopper and indicates the total amount in euros and a breakdown by denomination. Bonus feature? It rejects fake or foreign coins.

LS-515 cheque scanner

This fast, reliable and accurate scanner will scan cheques, restaurant vouchers, gift vouchers, meal tickets and more. With a scanning speed of 120 cheques or restaurant vouchers per minute, this machine is one of the fastest on the market. The management software provides full valuation and accounting features.

BT-2622 fake banknote detector

This professional, reliable fake banknote detector features a modern design and is fitted with the latest in fake-banknote-detection technology. It is easy to use and will automatically identify fake banknotes. It recognises between four and six different currencies. The detection unit is rechargeable and, as a result, is easy to transport.

IR-1000 fake banknote detector

The high-performance infrared system in this IR-1000 detector will quickly identify fake banknotes by revealing the infrared ink found in genuine banknotes. With a large screen and high-quality camera, you can easily spot counterfeit notes.

What are the advantages of money counters and checkers?

Time saving





Many possible applications

Our banknote and coin counters can be used in many different sectors and situations.

  • Superstores: used to count takings at the till, manage cash drawers, detect fake banknotes, hand over to transport providers, etc.
  • Banks, betting venues, gaming arcades and casinos: used at the counter or in the safe room to replenish machines.
  • Retail: used when cashing up at the end of the day, checking tills, counting takings before transporting them to the bank.
  • Cash counting centres: high-volume machines used to sort money, detect fake banknotes or coins and provide valuations.

JFC – your partner for cash management

Every business has different needs, so at JFC, we can provide a wide range of cash counters. Our mission? Meeting the needs of businesses and supporting them in their quest to improve their performance.