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JFC has a wide range of order kiosks to suit your sales process, no matter what your needs or your budget may be. We offer personalised, professional support from the start of your project through to the implementation of the solutions we select for you.

Our models

Order kiosks with payment feature

The customer can pay directly for their order using card only or cash and card, depending on the model selected.








Information kiosks

These kiosks are perfect for providing information to your customers and can give advice, display your products, allow the customer to order an out-of-stock product, show special offers and more.



Why choose an order kiosk?

Order kiosks offer many advantages for your business and your customers. They’re a valuable resource to help improve efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Reduce waiting times

By providing traditional checkouts alongside order kiosks, you can split your customers between these two solutions, which will help to reduce waiting times. Orders placed at the kiosk will be paid for directly and sent automatically to the kitchen for preparation. This increases your order capacity, as well as your outlet’s customer capacity.

Numerous services

Your customers can of course peruse the menu and order their meals, but they can also see photos of products and services and find out about special offers.

Order at leisure

Your customers won’t feel rushed and can take their time looking through the menu and browsing the options. This is a real advantage when you consider that customers generally spend more when they have more time to choose. As the kiosk will suggest related products, product combinations and additional items, order kiosks are a way of increasing your average order amount by 25%.

Optimise internal organisation

Order kiosks help to increase productivity. This is because having a kiosk means that some of your staff are freed up from taking customer orders. Your staff can focus on other tasks and on providing higher-quality work.

Another advantage for your internal management is that the order kiosk is available 24/7. It’s also highly flexible as you can adapt the menu based on peak and off-peak times. During busy periods, you can decide whether to open new kiosks to ease pressure at the counter.

Borne de commande

Customise your order kiosk

There is a wide range of models available: card only or cash and card, free standing, wall hung or placed on a counter, single or double sided. You can customise the kiosk using your company’s brand colours, regardless of which model you choose.

Many possible applications

  • Order and pay for products that aren’t available in the shop, concert tickets, special orders and select a date and time for collection.
  • Place orders and make payments for immediate collection from the counter (snack bars, restaurants, canteens, etc.).
  • Provide information about your products (ingredients, origin, allergens, producer, manufacturer, notices, etc.).
  • Encourage customer loyalty by using a membership card and storing customer favourites.
  • Highlight your special offers or specific products either continuously or while the kiosk is on standby.

Who are they for?

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We’ll take care of installing the unit and training your staff, as well as after-sales service. With over 30 years of experience and teams trained in the factories by the manufacturers, we guarantee optimal after-sales service for your installations.